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The History of Hemp

Hemp has a very vast history that cannot go unnoticed. We are very excited to be at the forefront of what we believe is the most valuable commodity to mankind.Every major civilization in history has recognized hemp as #1 on its list of important plants. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all revered hemp. Now modern science is validating what the ancients all knew – and uncovering exciting new discoveries about hemp.

Hemp History Facts:

  • First American Flag was made from Hemp
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew Hemp
  • Ben Franklin made Hemp paper
  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on Hemp
  • Hemp was used as rope for ships, and it was a required crop in the American colonies
  • Hemp has been grown for the last 12,000 years
  • Hemp was used as money in the 1800s
  • Not growing Hemp was grounds for jail time
  • Over 25,000 products can be made with Hemp

How does CBD work in the human body?

We are hard-wired with a system of cannabinoid receptors throughout our brains and bodies.

All you have to do is take a look at the statistics…
Forbes says:

“Hemp Cannabis Product Sales Projected To Hit $1 Billion In 3 Years.”

“…cannabidiol (CBD) is projected to be a billion-dollar market in just three years, according to a new report by Brightfield Group. The data company estimates that hemp CBD sales have already hit $170 million in 2016 and a 55% compound annual growth rate over the next five years will cause the market to crack the billion-dollar mark.”

“…CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016.”

But what does that mean? It means, THIS IS IT! This is YOUR opportunity to leave your 9-5 job behind, stop worrying about your financial instability and take the reins of your life!

Just think about it for a second…if you could become a part of a billion-dollar business – which promises to become a multi-billion dollar business in the near future – why wouldn’t you?!

But all we’ve done so far is prove that you can MAKE MONEY , in theory…

The Question Remains…Can YOU Do it?
And the answer is…of course you can!

In fact, we have prepared EVERYTHING for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger! You see, CTFO is committed to having the highest quality, lowest price products on the market. And just as importantly, we vow to always provide the fairest, most lucrative, most unique and powerful business opportunity ever created!

And The Best Part? You Don’t Have To Pay For Anything!

NO Sign-Up Fees
NO Join Fees
NO Website Fees

The truth is people across the States will love our CBD products so much, we’re giving everyone a FREE business and FREE websites to get the word out!

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Start your FREE Business now to lock in your position, gain instant access to all CTFO information and receive ongoing updates about our CBD product line!

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100% U.S. Grown & Processed Hemp

We source our hemp from industrial Hemp farms that produce some of the richest, medicinal CBD Hemp in the USA. Our CBD is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation & is of the highest grade, pesticide free,

Non-GMO hemp in the world. These industrial hemp farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations & are large US distributors of Medicinal Hemp, rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, & CBN.

Judging by the gigantic increase in CBD products demand, all you got to do is promote the product by placing it in plain sight and customers will bring out their credit cards!

Here’s What You Have To Do!

  • You do NOT need to provide any payment information
  • You do NOT have to create a website
  • You do NOT have to update anything
  • You do NOT have to maintain anything!

All you have to do is…

  • Take your own FREE personalized website and share it with others!

We’ll provide the websites, we’ll process all the CBD orders, we’ll even ship all the products to your customers!
And Hey! It’s Entirely Risk-Free For You!

That’s because we’re offering you an ironclad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee in case you are not happy with this business opportunity for ANY reason!

Ask yourself this question- Who do you know that suffers from?

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Weight management
  • Substance abu

Maybe a family member- A friend – Maybe YOU!

The Deeper You Dig…The Better It Gets!

Now, if you think that $500 to $1000 is an astronomical monthly income, then you are simply setting the bar too low!  

That’s because, CTFO is the ONLY company in this business that not only pays its associates 100% of the Commission Volume but you actually get paid in THREE different ways that merge together, creating an insane potential.

  • Unilevel Pay (That’s the cut you get when people buy CBD or Non-CBD products from your website)
  • Regenerating Matrix Pay (That’s the cut you get through bringing more people in CTFO)
  • Infinity Bonus Pay (These are bonuses you can easily get by moving up the ranks)

As you can imagine, this adds up VERY quickly and most importantly, these three ways pay you AUTOMATICALLY & SIMULTANEOUSLY!  And if you are interested in more details about this Compensation Plan, feel free to check out our Compensation Plan Chart and Overview Document, which you can find on your website once you sign-up for FREE!

It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Straightforward! It’s The Greatest Business Opportunity Of The Century!

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The Deeper You Dig, The Better It Gets@!

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